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22-06-2007, 12:38 PM
I mentioned this briefly some time back and this tournament played under these conditions is now to be played in Victoria, Aus at the Nth balwyn Bowling club on the 19th of August
One day event where the Skins winner takes away $1000.
Great concept I believe but im biased because I dreamed up the whole thing and hope it goes down well.
Have a look and give me some comments,definately something different.

Skins And Skills
Great One Day Event

The idea of a skins and skills event is twofold.
First as a one-day tournament it is something well out of the ordinary and is a popular format simply because all bowlers use 4 bowls, something most love doing.
The day commences with a welcome and a brief outline of the rules.
The rules for this form of skins are quite simple and I have a detailed explanation, which would be handed out on the day as to who plays first the time limit rules etc.
Basically put a skin is scored when the 4 players who are allocated a rink to play on, compete against each other for an hour and a half in each skins game.
There are no dead ends, the jack will be re – spotted on the 2 metre mark any time the end is killed and if the spot is taken, it will be placed 6 inches behind the bowl or bowls on the spot.
If we allowed dead ends there would be so much testosterone being used that too many ends may never be completed.
If you breach this rule the penalty is to sit out the next end.

You will play against three others in the first game then another three in the second and three more in the third.
There are two ways in which a skin can be scored.
1. When one player holds shot on two successive ends he/she has scored a skin.
If he/she then holds shot on a third successive end he/she scores another skin and so on.
2. If a player holds First and Second shot on any end played he/she scores a skin for that end and also, because he/she has won the end and a skin by holding the shot, he/she can also score another skin on the following end if he/she holds shot on that end also.
The player attempting to win a skin will have 3 others attempting to stop him/her winning the next end, and scoring on 2 successive ends is quite difficult.
In one day we play 3 skins games, at the end of the day the player who has scored the most skins for the day will be the overall winner. If there is a tie for first or second we will go to a one-end playoff. There may be 3 or more but still a roll off is played.
Each skins game is followed by a skills test, which also carries a prize.
You will be given a scorecard to record skins won and you are asked to get another bowler from the rink to sign each skin won as authentication.
No signature no skin.

The first skills test is target bowls, I have made lightweight circular plastic targets which are placed on each rink (stops a lot of work for the green keepers) Four bowls are delivered by each player forehand then backhand, each ring on the target carries a specified score and scores are totaled, again a playoff if tied.

Second skills test Driving competition.
4 bowls forehand 4 bowls backhand, target is Jack and place 1 bowl either side
5 points for hitting jack 3 points if you pass between jack and bowl 1 point if you hit bowl.

Final test is hardest shot in the book for most bowlers
A bowl is placed either side of the jack, which has been placed on the 2 metre mark, these bowls are a guide only and placed far enough from the jack that they cannot be used or wicked off.
Bowler can place mat at any legal distance from the jack then has to play the trail shot.
If he hits the bowl, no score, simply put he must trail the jack, it can be trailed half an inch if he likes but it must be seen to be trailed.
In order to stop driving in this skill if he/she trails the jack into the ditch, he/she gets no score.
You can trail the jack anything up to 2 metres.
Toughest skill in the book and they play 4 bowls forehand four bowls backhand
Again there will be a playoff if a tie.
Prizes for winner runner up in skins
Individual prizes for skills events
Damn good day, and a day where the average hacker gets to mix with the big boys and may well beat them due to the even playing field it creates.
Anyone wishing to enter go to www.bowlsworld.com.au (http://www.bowlsworld.com.au)
Details on the site.

Diamond Matt
24-06-2007, 11:07 AM
Sounds good. Although if i was to do that at my club, you'd get people not having a clue in what they were doing..

25-06-2007, 01:53 AM
The skins format you have described sounds like a game we play called 'Asassin'. Greg Kelly aka jackhi has a skins format on disc I believe.

Instead of using bowls for your target practice just use some cds, then you won't be chasing bowls everywhere!