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Thread: Straight or slim line bowls - fair or not?

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    Sorry to disagree Ump but the Laws of the Sport never changed, they have always required that all bowls must have at least the bias of the Working Reference Bowl. When it was first proposed to delete both greens testing and the 7deg cant test from indoor table testing both Henselite UK and Drakes Pride warned the Board at a meeting in July 1998 NOT to go ahead with these changes as illegally biased models would result, and it has. If you ask WB for minutes of this meeting you'll find there aren't any! Not exactly the actions of a bona fide organisation. The IBB has been a revolving door committee and always relied on the collective wisdom and technical knowledge of the manufacturers to make sure all bowls sold have min bias. They were all fired in 2002 and suddenly the newly formed WB Ltd uses a report from 1 individual to make the changes to testing proceedure he never actually proved out on a green.

    The bowl model Impact started this thread some time back and this is the bowl seen in the last part of the video I posted on youtube in 2012, clearly takes less bias than the WRB. When I wrote to this WB 'accredited advisor' asking for his comment on why a bowl that passed on a table under his test but failed both the deleted 7 deg cant test, backed up by the greens test his reply was that it was caused by the extra distance the bowl travelled on the green v's the 9m of table run. The fact it was the same for both bowls seems to have escaped him along with the whole point of the Laws, minimum bias allowed and the fact bias testing is not some hypothetical laboratory exercise but meant for the green where the game is played. For WB to make out that they have decided on indoor table testing using only the bowls grouping test is not a position any responsible sporting body would live with given ample evidence that it's a total fake.

    Players don't even know whether the set of bowls they own or are about to buy are balanced or VRG sole shape let alone a clandestine change to bias testing proceedure known only to the people at the 1998 meeting. To say players don't understand the changes to testing proceedure when the Rule book says nothing at all about them, is a bit tough on them. Nobody knew! Umpires didn't know and still don't and anyone trying to fix the gigantic mess these actions have created have been dismissed and shut down i.e. a recent Australian WB President who set up a testers committee to fix the problem.

    And now we have WB wanting inclusion to the Olympic Games. I wonder whether the guy charged with measuring the 100 meter track has a standard international tape measure or one issued to him by World Bowls.
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