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    Hi Guys,

    We're moving into the 2016/17 season now and things are developing nicely - this week it was announced that Potters Resort will become the new headline sponsor and will host the end of year Grand Final.

    Whilst we have an extensive network of tournaments in England, we are still yet to get the ball rolling in Scotland & Wales.

    Personally I've had many conversations with people who believe the interest is there, we just need some club contacts who are willing to put the effort in.

    I have a potential sponsor who would be interested in an event in the Edinburgh area but I need to determine the level of interest in that area. Could any players interested in playing in a tournament based in or around Edinburgh please contact me, either on here or by email to We would be looking at a 1 or 2 day event, 64 field paying 22.50 each with 1k winner, 500 R/up, 200 Semi-finalist & 100 Qtr-finalist.

    Anyone interested in discussing events in other areas please also get in touch.

    Many Thanks,
    Steve Broome

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    I think it's a matter of timing up here, with league games and national competitions, but i would certainly play if i was available.

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