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Thread: Driving/Firing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fed4ever View Post
    They do call foot faults at Skegness, I've seen it done, player wasn't happy when he had his bowl stopped but had to live with it.
    So someone comes up to you and starts chatting about the game in progress, be a bit churlish to tell them to go away.
    An area to stand on, great, until you move away to do a measure, you come back and someone has plonked a chair down.
    Markers doing the card while walking thats multi-tasking, new in thing they tell me, or maybe they're just making sure the ink runs or the pencil has still got a point.
    There is an umpire shortage, doing anything in August 19-26?
    I was a National umpire for many years, but retired now, i retired at 74when i found it a problem to stand for 4 hours.Simple to have anarea marked out for the umpire,and as for talking to spectators if you sit down that is what they will do,as for markers walking down the rink marking cards it is bad practice and also holds up the player waiting to bowl the jack.the other thing which holds the game up is markers standing 6 metres back fromthe head,when an answer is required they walk up 6 metres and then 6 metres back while the player is waiting to bowl. If that is what they do infederation where do they stand when the jack is fulllength.I do know what markers are required to do, and how they are required to do it having trained markers for Bowls England. Standing with hands in pockets and marking the card walking down the rink are just twothings which let markers down,you are stillmaking excuses for the organisers, there are areas around the rinks at Skegness where chairs are not permitted so what is stopping the area being used for umpiresI was only an E.B.A umpire many of my friends were both, i know which group were the most professional. I willbe there anyway and far from being churlish by wanting umpires to concentrate on the game, your remarks as to why they walk downthe green marking the card are very childish. This is my last comment on the matter
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