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Thread: Pairs competition with three woods

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    In Scotland (outdoor) it's always 17 ends for 4 bowl pairs - even the national championships are 17 ends

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    You can use maths to compare the various formats of pairs. Multiply the number of woods sent by each player by the number of ends. If it were two wood pairs over 21 ends, that would be 8 woods x 21 ends = 168. Three woods over 15 ends would be 12 x 15 = 180, so a slightly longer game for delivery time but with six fewer change-overs would probably be around the same amount of time on green. The speed of the green will also influence the time taken for a match; the faster the green, the longer time for the bowl to travel from mat to head therefore the longer the match.

    I'd recommend your club trial a few different formats until you find one that suits.
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