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Thread: Any interesting game formats out there?

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    Default Any interesting game formats out there?

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    Out of curiosity and always on the lookout for new formats of bowls, I though I'd ask here what differing versions from the standard format anyone might be playing at their club.

    Our club introduced a new internal singles format this year. It's called the Rink 6 League and all matches are played on the same rink with the same colour settings in the prevailing direction of play in use for the whole green at the time, so it could be across or up and down on Rink 6 depending on what the green keeper has set. It was an idea suggested by the green keeper to encourage use of the rinks furthest away from the club house! The idea is that everyone plays on the same rink so no-one can choose their favourite rink and also the ladies play against the men, which has already thrown up some interesting results!!

    It's a season-long singles competition played to EBF laws (no chalking... a ditched bowl is a dead bowl, and bowls must be within 2 metres of the jack to count) and is a mixture of sets play and number of ends. Each player plays each other once only. The match consists of 3 sets of six ends, which each player playing with three woods. A match takes about one hour to play. Points are awarded for sets won and shot aggregate. Two point for a set win, one each for a tied set, and two points for the highest overall total shots scored after 18 ends (or one point each if tied). It means that a match can be tied if one player wins only one set but with a big enough margin to score more shots overall. It turns out that there is everything to play for even if you are losing the set and can't win, the shots still make a difference.

    The league positions are based on total points, with best shot aggregate and shots scored totals coming into play if points are tied at the end of the season.

    We are only a small club with fewer than 20 members which means we can fit all the games in during the short outdoor season at roughly one per week but if we were ever lucky enough to attract more, a second division could be introduced with promotion and relegation being involved.

    Anyone else playing something interesting and different?
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    Might be worth dropping Bushy a PM
    He shared an interesting format with me a few years back which I have not seen tried before
    Involves delivering the jack instead of respotting it.
    Give him a shout and he may share it with you.
    It's a simple game really!!!
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    Top 3 competition played over 1 afternoon:
    Game 1: triples 6 ends
    Game 2: pairs 6 ends
    Game 3: triples 6 ends but players must play in a different position from game 1
    Game 4: singles 8 ends. The singles player is the one who didn't play in the pairs game
    Game 5: triples 6 ends with players again switching position so that each player has played lead, second & skip
    All games played with 3 bowls
    2 points for a win and a bonus point if all 3 triples games are won. Winner is the team with most points but shots are counted in the event of a tie.
    The organisation should ensure that teams do not play on the same rink twice and play a different opponent in each game

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