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Thread: Grip change benefits.

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    Default Grip change benefits.

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    I'd like to mention I changed my grip very recently, and it seems to have helped me with my distance. Two good friends both excellent bowlers suggested that they had changed some time ago, and once they'd gotten use to it, found it beneficial.

    I use a size 4 bowl and have used the thumb on the groove grip, but it has always felt a little tight especially when I'm under pressure. Last few days I've moved my thumb down just above the centre line.

    When you try it your arm is in direct line with the middle of the bowl, (that's the first thing you notice) and that should be a good thing I would have thought. You seem to be able to keep your arm straighter or that's what I feel anyway. After two days of practice it's still feels strange, but my grouping has got better as has my consistency, and length. It could just be a one off, but I'm sticking with it anyway.

    Has anyone else any feedback on grip change, for better or worse? I'm also going down a size in the next few days so it should feel even more comfortable.


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    I know this is an old post but I'll reply anyway. Yes I for years always had my thumb on the dimples but recently because of a hand injury I have had to move my thumb down to the top of the rings just below the dimples. It seems that my line has improved because my bowls are going down more vertical, whereas before I would occasionally tilt the bowl. The downside at the moment is sometimes I am using my fingertips more as I release the bowl which adds a couple of yards on. Hopefully I'll get that under control. How I'll get on outdoors this year will be interesting.

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