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Thread: CM3 Back Online

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    As I said in the first line of my previous post, all very true.
    It can be seen as the county's fault for not keeping us informed.
    It can be seen as the club's fault for not hunting down these changes (from where, I don't know)
    It can be seen as our fault as individuals for not hunting down these changes (oh, and for being so ..... as to not know they are out there to hunt down in the first place).

    But surely you must accept that WB as the makers (and guardians) of the laws have a responsibility to make it as well-known as possible that amendments exist?
    By newly-adding a downloadable PDF to their website that (a) does not include the amendments made directly to the laws, (b) does not include same as a suffix to the existing laws, (c) does not include an over-arching highlighted paragraph to say "amendments exist. Please hunt them down" nor (d) put a button adjacent to the laws download button for downloading the amendments, they can be viewed to have overlooked that responsibility, and are seemingly doing their best to willfully keep bowlers in the dark.
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    "Until" in my previous post is a typo. I can't edit for some reason (at least from mobile).

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