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Thread: World Indoor Bowls Championship - best ever games?

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    Default World Indoor Bowls Championship - best ever games?

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    I would be interested to hear people's views on the best ever World Indoor Bowls Championship games - can be based on the tension created or just sheer quality.

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    For me that would be the , 1980 indoorchampionship David Bryant v Philp Chok. I was never been a great fan of David but admire ability having met him a few times i can understand why he ws a champion bcause he was full of self belief , it is debatable if he would cope withthe modern game, but my guess is he would still be a top player, in 30 mins of his company 20 mins would be about him, but a great player and a household name in the sport,probably a better player outdoors,cannot remember him ever lighting that pipe, but the greatest ever individual bowl was the one Bryant bowled in 1979 at Coatbridge to beat Jim Donnelly(indoors)
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