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Thread: WB Umpire and Marker Videos on Youtube

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    Default WB Umpire and Marker Videos on Youtube

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    I just discovered that WB has posted the contents of the umpire and marker training videos to Youtube about two years ago. Unfortunately, it's posted as a number of clips, but they don't have playlists to watch the videos in sequence.

    I've created playlists using our provincial association account. I can't vouch for the videos being in the same order as on the DVD, but I'll try to update them when I have some time.

    WB Umpire Videos Playlist

    WB Marker Videos Playlist

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    The sequence is designed to be followed with the text
    That is why they are on different pages and in a different sequence to the DVD
    If you want them in sequence buy the DVD
    It's a simple game really!!!
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