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But having to place the target against the jack just gives you another opportunity to displace the jack, I know that they also advocate placing a target against the bowl. Then when you move to the second bowl you will have to move both the targets. Another opportunity for an inadvertent displacement. In the u tube video Bushy posted they show both the jack and a bowl laying flat on its belly being wedged (chocked). Another possibility for displacement of the jack.

If you want to use it for a Saturday afternoon friendly game then great. Spend your money, even the cheapest laser measure so far is three times the cost of a decent box measure in England whilst the Bowlsline laser is ten times, or more, expensive than a box measure.
If you have a physical disability then it is a good idea, if not then it is just a solution looking for a problem. I do not see many bowlers buying one.
Also remember the batteries. They will run out and Murphy’s Law says that they will run out at the most inappropriate time. I recall seeing an ITO at the Atlantic Championship in May with a 30m tape with electric rewind. The battery failed and there he was in the middle of the green looking a right Charlie with twenty plus metres of tape in his hand.

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I have used the Bowlsline Measure in competition as an Umpire but have never and would never chock a Jack, also when using the Target Plates, they are only ever placed against a Bowl and highly unlikely to ever move the bowl mainly due to the weight of a bowl, however of course Bowls have been chocked on occasion.

I saw Australia's leading ITO in a video'd game the other day place a box measure into a gap and measure with it, where Calipers should have been used, the gap was so small that the string was hardly if at all released from the measure, on moving to the second bowl the gap was so tight I am sure I saw it glance the Jack, one would think the so called Best would always choose the appropriate equipment for the job and whatever that equipment is, choose correctly so as not to cause any controversy.