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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGambler View Post
    Hi Al
    can I ask what the rules are in Scotland.
    this is something I’ve seen creep into the game in recent years.
    Regularly a player will come down and practise during the day knowing he has an internal tie at night.
    This was something that never happened years ago but it happens now for sure.
    Scotland has several "Domestic Variations" in place. These are, essentially, slight adjustments to the CM3 Laws to take into account the way the sport is played in Scotland.

    They are included in the copies of "The Laws of the Sport of Bowls - Crystal Mark Edition" that are sold by Bowls Scotland for use in Scotland.

    Essentially they are as below:

    Domestic Regulations for Bowls Scotland
    Plain English Campaign’s Crystal Mark does not apply to these domestic regulations.

    All regulations are made in line with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls (Crystal Mark 3rd Edition) which permits Member National Authorities to make domestic regulations

    Law No(s) Description
    3 Choosing the Rinks for Play
    3.3 If a player in a competition or game plays on the
    same rink earlier on the day of the competition or
    game, that player will be disqualified.
    This does not apply in the case of open tournaments.
    40 Players Duties
    40.1.9 For domestic play, Member National Authorities can
    transfer the skip’s duties described in law 40.1.7 to
    other members of the team. For all domestic team
    games in Scotland the duties described in
    Law 40.1.7, apart from the provision of Law,
    will be transferred to the second player to play in
    each team.
    ie: Pairs – the Skip; Triples and Fours – the Second.
    46 The Green
    46.5 Greens constructed to the pre-April 2000 standard
    measurements – Maximum 40.23mtrs (132 feet) and
    Minimum 30.17mtrs (99 feet) – remain valid.
    49 Division of the Green
    49.5 Boundary markers which are fixed to the face of the
    bank can be clearly marked with a thin black line
    running vertically down the centre of the marker.
    52.4 Lodging a challenge to bowls The person making the challenge must pay a
    deposit of 50.00
    53 Bowls – World Bowls Stamp
    53.5 For all domestic play bowls will only require to be
    re-tested and re-stamped if the date stamp is not
    clearly legible. Also ALL bowls must bear at least one
    of the following stamps – (I.B.B, W.B.B. or W.B.
    stamps) (Not B.I.B.C. stamp only)

    Trust that these are clear!
    If you don't play it you won't get it.....

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    Thanks for taking time to reply sir

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