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From the YouTube Sky Sport Next feed:


The last bowl comes to rest at 20:36 and the measuring is over at about 24:30 using:

  1. crossed fingers
  2. small box measure
  3. laser
  4. a bowl to jack measure (new to me)

It was a "development" match in the Trans Tasman Series so I'm not sure if this was to assess the devices. I did see the "bowl to jack" measure used in another match.

Lots of new gear for the umpire who, up to now, has got everything!?

The so-called "Bowl-to-jack" measure has been used in the Southern Hemisphere for some time but was ruled, by World Bowls quite a few years ago, as not to be used in World Bowls or Commonwealth Games events.
It just appears that some Australian umpires cannot get out of the habit of using such awkward equipment.
Just hope that such things do not appear in the UK!