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Thread: Player shortage

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    Default Player shortage

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    Are there rules around playing with less players than specified.
    e.g. in a triples match. only 2 players turn up for one team for whatever reason (or 3 players in a rinks/fours game for example)
    Is this written down anywhere? Is it up to the governing body of the competition?

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    The Laws (Crystal Mark edition available online and printed) cover the only worldwide official option, which is in a "sides game" (multiple fours), one or more fours can play as a three, bowling 3/3/2 versus 2/2/2/2 and conceding 25% shots scored.

    A single rink game cannot be adjusted, not other formats (pairs/triples) EXCEPT if there is a local rule in place (e.g. to cover domestic league games indoors) when I have seen the 3-instead-of-4 and a 2-instead-of-3 worded compromise.
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