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Thread: Amendments to Laws of the Sport 2020

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    Parra, I've found that, when writing a length reply,here or elsewhere, it's safer to write it in another program (I use a word processor, which also auto-saves), then to copy/paste to where you want it to end up - ie here. It also avoids someone else posting in the meantime, and you not being aware of it.

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    Thanks for the suggestions corptaxman.

    I only posted to this thread in the first place, because I thought that Umpy's comment in reply to Bushman (03-06-2020) was not only unnecessarily condescending/patronising, but was also not supported by the facts of the matter - "Ever seen a bowl sitting on top of bowls or the jack on the rink? No, thought not" (Umpy, 03-06-2020). As posted, I know at least 2 people who have seen such.

    I an well aware of, and have great respect for Umpy's contribribution to the game as a member of the Laws and Constitution Committee, and as a Technical Officer at Comm. Games etc.

    However, the conclusion apparently reached by the Committee that the relevance of 17.2.5 was brought into question because they thought it very unlikely that such an occurrence was likely/ demonstrably incorrect.
    I doubt I have spoken to the only 2 bowlers on the planet who have seen such an occurrence as was covered by 17.2.5. ( there were of course the other players involved in the games described to me, and must be others as well).

    An unlikely/remote event? Absolutely. Has it occurred before? Yes, as reported. Could it occur again in Lawn Bowls? Of course, especially when one considers the number of Lawn bowlers across the planet, and the number of games being played across the world on any one day.

    If Umpy wants to let it go, that suits me fine. If he wants to explain precisely where he thinks that my original post (17-08-2020) was "full of inaccuracies", that too is fine with me, and I'll respond appropriately if necessary.

    Again, thank you for your useful suggestions corptaxman.

    Best wishes, Parra.

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